How to become a Backend developer

People tend to accept what is the simple, short and quick to read. Get everything without any hard work and efforts.

Believe me, reading is the first thing you have to do, so as to become an awesome backend developer.

Unless you don’t read you will not be able to understand. Developers should have a habit of reading. Many experts update themselves daily by reading and understanding new technologies.

What must I read!

Forums, documentation, articles, books, blog posts, and lots of others. you just have to read it.

It may be a pain in the neck at first, but keep reading and you will eventually become a good reader with lots of knowledge.

If you want to be a master in easy things you have to be perfect in conquering hard things.

So tie up your shoelaces and get ready for an awesome Path to Become a Backend developer.

This Story will be divided into several parts so that readers do not get bored. I will try to make it more interesting.

A website is made up of images, links, text, icons, graphics, files and many more which we call it as a content.

The database helps us to store the content of the website, there are many different types of the database used to store content, MySQL being popular is mostly used by the developer, newer consists of MongoDB, CouchDB, PostgreSQL, Neo4j, Redis and lots of more.

I have been working with Backend developers and I learn from them daily. In order to become a good Back-End developer you have to be master in handling database, and the querying you will do like fetch data from the database, update it, delete it, and many more.

Before you start with SQL Mastery section, you have to install the MySQL community edition, MySQL WorkBench on your system.

for Windows click here, for Linux click here, for macOS click here.

for MySQL Workbench installation click here according to your OS.

or do it on your own, experience it and if you get errors on installation try to solve it on your own, research it from google and make it work.

Get help from Google, StackOverflow or any...

Make sure your MySQL is working and up.

On next post, we will start our SQL MASTERY and will deep dive into the database.


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